How to write your first blog!

How to write your first blog ..

We the TILT- Authentic Articulation team met recently on a Saturday morning at Talk Temple office. TILT stands for The India leadership Thinktank which is an organization working towards making India better by developing leadership talent. Authentic articulation is a subgroup within TILT which focuses on building authenticity in team members and their articulation abilities.

Sumit Poddar, member of the Authentic articulation team was taking the team through a workshop on ‘How to write your first blog’.

“Think about your earliest childhood memory and draw a picture about it….Asked Sumit Poddar in his animated style.. “Then” Sumit continued..

“Write one line for blog heading – this is your point of view.

 Followed by Write 2-3 lines about the context.

Then write about Events and repercussions meaning what happened there, what are the different events. This could be like protagonist and antagonist(villains) in the story.

Then at the last write about the Learnings. Andfinally write about Promised Land – what is beautiful about the entire blog”

The entire team who participated was excited about what they learnt and was very keen to put it into practice quickly.  People wrote their first blog in the above format without hesitation and narrated it to everyone later with lot of excitement.

Below are the first blogs by all the people who participated and written a blog.

Shruthi Karthik

My carefree, Joyful childhood

When I recall, my first ever memory as a child, it comes like a black and white movie. It was a small town near Shimoga where we had our home.

One summer evening (there was no weekday and weekend concept then!). I am trying to climb a pillar in front of my home, Appa standing next to me as usual making sure am safe and won’t fall off from the pillar.

Mom is sitting on the entrance of the house near the door chatting with appa. Yes this is my carefree, Joyful childhood with appa and amma, living happily caring, sharing, chatting everyday!

My family has been always instrumental in making me believe in strong family values. I always keep my family before anything else, thanks to my upbringing😆


A smiling me feeling secure with my family

It was at a  time when photographs were taken by professionals only as owning a camera was not feasible for common man.  My family had invited a photographer to come and take few family pictures.  We are all excited and was getting ready to look our best and capture some memories.

All of us were dressed in our colorful best and were waiting for the photographer. The photographer entered the courtyard of the house in his monochromatic best.

That was my earliest memory of me –  a happy and secure me looking forward to a happy and secure world outside.! J


No Compromise of Values and integrity- Hard work pays any time.

It is a story about 38 years back, I used to love vacation in place covered with hills with full of trees, the sunrise time used to be so amazing.

For my luck, Mumma planned for a vacation to HORANADU – Annapoorneshwari Temple, the temple had covered with beautiful nature and food used to be so tasty.

One evening, me, my anna and Mumma sat together to work out the budget for travel, unfortunately 2 days before the travel, I was completing 6 years of age and as per the rules, mumma was supposed to buy ½ ticket for me. Now the challenge was, she did not had that money and she had to postpone the trip. I was completely sad.

After 2 days, she came to both of us and said this Friday night; we are travelling; now I am able to understand Mumma did 2 shifts working for 3 days to cover the expenses.

I am so proud of my Mumma, now I think, she could have just said my son is below 5 years to travel, she did not do so, and she worked hard to earn money to follow the rules. She never compromised on Human Values and integrity.

I love you Mom 🙂

Mahima S Hegde


Acceptance of your circumstances will change the whole thought process. My earliest memory was of my kindergarten school classroom, primary colored bright desk and chair fit for 3 year olds I was a new girl, all the little faces were looking skeptically towards me. It was a whole new world for me.

I was trying to make friends with the girl sitting in the next chair but everyone laughed at me as my accent of Kannada was different and strange for others. I felt I was different from others as I spoke more like older people than as a 3 year old child. I was brought up by my aunt Inna remote place in northern most part of Karnataka and I was surrounded by only elders, I listened to only elders conversation and learnt that way of communicating.

This incident and everyday that followed experience had a huge impact on me and I always sat in the first bench to listen to the teacher than the teasing words exchanged behind me, I changed schools every 3 years because my father got transferred and the same pattern followed and stayed with me for 43 years.

I recently decluttered my memories and let go of them and I replaced them by creating new visuals of the same situation and circumstance as I wanted it to be. Now I feel I am more comfortable to strike a conversation with strangers and I have let go of my inhibitions.

The pact I made with this experience is to make a new person may it be a student or new people feel comfortable when they are new to any environment be it class, a party, an office or at home.

Amit Verma

My football journey

It is my childhood story. One day I was watching football game where all children like me were running behind one ball from one corner to other. I was busy watching the game with my all enthusiasm and was eager to play but how?. Suddenly one man came to me and asked would you like to play. I was so happy but surprise too. But without losing any moment I said yes I would like to play. But without sports shoes it was difficult as the ground was full of pebbles. 

But who bothers as I got a chance, I jumped into the ground without thinking and started playing with a group of small children.  After 10 – 15 minutes of my play again the young man called me and asked my name and told to go and play with other group where all children were wearing club uniform and sports shoes but I was the odd one out.  But I did not bother about this as I had to play.  Within 20 minute of game I was able to manage 1 goal and passing the ball without delay.

When the game was over, again the same young man called me and introduced himself as a coach of the team. Asked me to join the club with Rs.20 membership fee, and asked me to come tomorrow at 5 PM wearing sports shoes.  I was so happy that I can play football but getting Rs.20 along with sports shoes was a challenge for me.

Next day I reached the playground 10 minute before the time but without money and without shoes.  When all children arrived. The coach started taking attendance at last he reach to me and asked where is your shoes and have you taken admission? I confidently told that my father was out of town and he would return after 2 days. This story “that my father is out of town” I made it in my mind while coming to ground as I did not want to miss the football.

As I answered very confidently my coach was convinced and he allowed me to play and also arranged one pair of shoes for me from the club store.  Again I was very happy not only because I got a chance to play but I got a shoe too.

That was the day when my football journey started and somehow I convinced my mother for money and after few weeks I was able to convince for new sports shoes also and my love for football continued…

So, I can say whatever you do, do with passion and with 100%.

Sam George 

 My mothers bonding at a place away from home!

 It was a teachers quarters and my mother was talking to me.  Mother was young and was a teacher at govt. school.

I and my mother was at teachers quarters at Malabar. We were far away from my father’s home.

My elder brother and father was away and younger sister was not born.

I was going to nursery near the school where my mother taught and was not liking it. Since the teacher’s quarters was 1 room and hence kitchen was a makeshift one and hence the tiffin sent to the school was not very tasty.

‘Pathumma’ was the muslim girl who was taking care if me. I wonder she should have been called ‘Fatima’ instead of ‘pathumma’.

Its in gratitude to remember the nursery I studied was the first place to the world of learning and later helped to get into career.  I felt the small small educational institutions across India plays a big role in building the foundation of education for children.

Humaness  was the main bonding people shared beyond religion those days..

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